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Tiffiney Christiansen
for Iron County School Board · District 5

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I support and advocate for good teachers. Just like doctors keep up on best practices, teachers do as well. They need time, resources, and professional development to be successful.

Thank you for your support!

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I have great confidence in Tiffiney's ability to serve our community and educational system in an outstanding manner. She’s innovative, smart, and professional.

Jennifer Denhalter

School Counselor, ICSD

Please support this amazing woman in her run for Iron County School Board. She is dedicated, talented, wants to serve and give back, is a mother of four, has hosted several international students in her home for the school year, has had a lot of experience working with the public and business communities, and would represent us well.

Sherri Hansen

Business owner, State Farm agent, former Vice Chair of Trustees at SUU

I've known Tiffiney for many years.  I know her to be a person of integrity and high character.  I feel she would be a great addition to the school board and serve our community well.  

When she is given a task, she is thorough and committed.  Her experience both as a mother and in the workforce help her to be a well-rounded person to represent a broader range of individuals.  I support her candidacy for a position on the Iron County School Board.

Jolene Gray

Office Manager- Precision Development

Tiffiney is one of the brightest, most sincere, and capable people I know. She is a strong woman, mother of strong children, all who have been students in Iron County School District.

She is a creative thinker with broad business experience. I am excited to support Tiffiney for Iron County School Board and look forward to her being involved in guiding the education of my children.

Mike Wilson

M.D., Intermountain Health Care

Tiffiney is an exceptional candidate. We had the opportunity to get to know their family many years ago, as she and her husband devoted hours and years coaching my little Paityn in soccer.

They were there when she suddenly went downhill with her unknown (at the time) illness. The love and support they rallied around her can never be repaid. I still rave to this day about having coaches with utmost integrity, who were truly there to support and develop ALL the kids involved.

Jaymi Carver

Title 1 Coordinator at SUU Success Academy

Over the years I have seen Tiffiney support her husband, manage a career, embrace her role as a mother with love and dedication, be a champion of women, and fight for the students in Iron County. Her abilities to listen first, be confident in the facts, and build bridges are qualities
we so desperately need.

Sydney Nakken

Local Business Owner, SUU Board of Trustees,
CHS Parents' Club President

I've had the pleasure of working with Tiffiney in the past and I know she is an excellent choice for the school board!

Paige Christensen

Co-owner of Derek Christensen and Associates - Certified Public Accountants

I love this woman! She's amazing!

Sara Greener

Executive Assistant for Advancement and Enrollment Management, SUU

Tiffiney is the candidate we need who has the foresight and vision to meet the demands of Cedar City's rapidly growing educational needs.

As a friend and neighbor for nearly 20 years, I have known Tiffiney as a mother to four wonderful children, the wife of an SUU professor, and an executive leader in her professional career. She is energetic, informed, thoughtful, and well spoken. I cannot think of a better choice to represent the families of District 5. Please join me in voting for Tiffiney Christiansen.

Steve Carroll

Business Owner, President of Cross Hollow Hills Community Association

Tiffiney has been a dear friend and neighbor for over 15 years.  She is full of optimism and enthusiasm and is one of those people with a rare blend of passion and reason.  She is a worker, someone who’s not afraid to jump in and work alongside you, no matter what the challenge may be.

Tiffiney is creative and inclusive and above all is invested in our schools and our community. She is a team player who will listen to all sides of an issue before moving forward.  She’s passionate about providing kids of all ages and abilities with the best education possible.
We need her voice on the Iron County School Board!

Sue Harris

Speech Therapist, Iron County School District

Join us in supporting Tiffiney for school board

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Education empowers people

About me

Educational experiences shaped me as a young person. I have a profound respect for the power of education, hard work, and caring for others.

I was adopted at the age of five by two parents who'd save the world if they could. But that's a story for another day…

I grew up in the town of Highland, Utah, in a small artist community called Bull River. As kids, we spent countless hours building huts, making up games, sleeping out under the stars, reading books and creating short movies with the only video camera in the neighborhood. The 100 acres were our playground.

It was a magical childhood to be loved by so many of my friends' parents and feel safe and supported.  Our parents urged us to be creative thinkers. They showed us the way. They made a big pond where we'd gather in the summer, built an epic sleigh riding hill, designed elaborate Easter Egg hunts and got together almost every weekend for a cookout to chat about life.  

Our family vacations were spent backpacking, often in Escalante and Southern Utah. The tassels of my dad's pack swung back and forth as I'd hike behind his steady pace. He taught us about plants and flowers and to love Utah's unique desert landscape. He's an architect who loves beauty. And he's still backpacking with us at 81 years old!

My mom believes in serving others. She would walk out the door at 5pm with hot dinners for neighbors who were sick, give to every child who came soliciting for fundraisers, and quietly support multiple families in need.

My parents taught us that things in life must be earned.
School PictureKings Peak

Education empowers people. Hard work effects change. Love and respect are always good answers.

Shakespeare PortraitPoland
I was a dancer at Children’s Dance Theater where I learned about communicating through movement. The director, Mary Ann Lee, is still teaching young children not simply to dance, but also to become imaginative, worthwhile human beings. I was gloriously free on the dance floor.

I first experienced Cedar City in high school when I attended a debate competition at SUSC and the Shakespeare Festival. I joined the Park City Shakespeare Summer Stock as a young actress because of my experience in Cedar City.

I was the first young, sister missionary to be called to Warsaw, Poland, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was in 1990 and right after the fall of the Berlin wall. People were hungry for freedom, waiting in meat lines, and many didn't have personal property.  

People were ready for change, and I saw the country begin to transform. Businesses started opening and people were figuring out how to navigate the difficult change. Some wanted to go back to Communism because it felt safer. Others led out, taking risks and seeking a better way of life.

These experiences as a young person helped shape me.

I have a profound respect for the power of education, hard work, and caring for others.
About Tiffiney
  • Vice President of Marketing at Leavitt Group
  • Former Sales and Marketing Director at Decorworx
  • Former Director of Development at SUU
  • B.A. in Broadcast/Journalism from University of Utah
  • Husband, Shawn, Professor of Family Life and Human Development at SUU
  • Parents of four children- alumni of Iron Springs Elementary, Cedar Middle School, and Cedar High School
  • Volunteer club soccer coach in Cedar City for over 10 years
  • Volunteer in PTA at Iron Springs, CMS, and CHS
  • Lady Reds Soccer, Student Government, Debate, and Track parent
  • Board Member for Canyon Creek Services and Member of Friends of SUMA
  • Host family for numerous Rotary International students
When I was a youth, I heard someone say,

"You can judge a community by their library."

This left an impression on me.  The more we make quality education a priority, the more hope our children have for a bright future.  We have access to better tools, more research and opportunity than ever before. Let's embrace it.

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My role as a board member

Have a strong vision. Seek first to understand. Be honest and ethical. Strive for unity. Communicate with reason and civility. Think creatively and to the future.

I'm interested in your ideas and concerns for Iron County School District.
Contact Tiffiney
Iron County Mountains

We love Iron County

We've lived in Cedar City for 19 years and have been blessed to raise our children here.


We are grateful for the educators of Iron County.

Our children are alumni of Cedar High School, Cedar Middle, and Iron Springs Elementary.

Teachers, coaches, and counselors have helped shape our children.  

A second grade teacher unlocked my daughter's love of writing, a middle school jazz band teacher instilled confidence in my son, an art teacher taught my daughter to explore color, a fifth grade teacher made math fun and understandable, a middle school English teacher helped them document their history, a high school Chinese teacher inspired my daughter to study abroad, a patient high school counselor gave my children the guidance they needed to get into college, and devoted coaches pushed them to succeed. We are grateful. I want to give back and serve our community.
Supporting Students 2
Education empowers and good teachers can have life-changing impact.

I’m the VP of Marketing at Leavitt Group, and one of our guiding principles is to adapt.  The world is changing rapidly, clients think differently, and people expect innovation.  We must adapt or we risk becoming the next Sears Roebuck.

A growth mindset is critical to our education system.

As we provide quality education, with the future in mind, our children will be prepared to tackle the changes they'll experience in life. I believe in thinking ahead, and even if it's just a little, the rewards can be remarkable. Operating proactively gives us a chance to look at outside forces acting on our students.
See my priorities here »

Why I'm running for school board

Tiffiney Portrait 3
I love and believe in our kids!

We are teachers, builders, entrepreneurs, scientists, scholars, artists, and all kinds of people who love our community. We are parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors.

We are a small community with big achievements.

And it’s because of our people and the way we support each other.
Countless hours of volunteerism happens in our schools. I've seen principals cry when talking about their students’ successes.
Teachers devote time to students inside and outside the classroom. Administration and staff keep the schools running smoothly. It’s easy to see how deeply we care about the education our students receive and their future success in life.
And that is why I’m running for Iron County School Board. I want to give our children the brightest future we can and support quality education that empowers teachers and is student centered.

I love being involved in our community and especially with our youth. Serving on the school board is a way I can follow in the footsteps of the good people of Iron County and give back.

If elected, I hope to accomplish the following:

Clear Communication - I will work to improve the communication between the district, parents, and the community. We can do better. Transparent communication helps everyone feel safe and heard concerning issues brought before the board. I will support a public relations position. Our district serves over 12,200 students and is growing at a rapid pace. Clear communication is vital.

Effective Leadership - As an experienced business leader, I believe in leading with love and understanding. A good leader focuses on clear objectives, actively listens to all parties, and puts a plan in motion. I will help create a culture of kindness, collaboration, and a desire for success. I will not peddle fear and anger, stirred up by politics, but will focus on what's best for our kids to prepare for their futures.

Listen, Listen, Listen - I've listened to hundreds of people from our community about school issues that matter to them. This is critical for success. Listening to teachers, staff, parents, and all kinds of community members has helped me understand what matters to you. As your representative, I promise to hear all angles of issues and make the best decision I can, based on facts, and ultimately what is best for our kids.

Manage Growth - We are growing quickly and have complicated issues to resolve. We are trying to find space for all day kindergarten, running out of classrooms, and figuring out how to manage growing classroom sizes. Wise and student focused budgeting, strong communication with the community when asking for a bond, and looking carefully at data will guide my decision making.

Educating the Whole Child - I will focus to prepare ALL children to meet our core standards of readiness for college and trade school. I will promote best practices to ensure our students are preparing for their futures. To help students prepare for life and to be better students, I will support educating soft skills.

When students learn how to treat each other, then learning can take place.

ICSD has the second highest poverty rate in the state. Many students come to school not ready to learn because they are hungry, emotionally stressed or dealing with difficulty at home. I've heard this same story from many teachers.

When students learn appropriate behavior, resilience, empathy, and other important soft skills and values, they have more opportunity in life. We must teach them how to learn and work with others. I will support an appropriate ratio of counselors to students and resources to help our students learn how to treat each other. I will also support developing a gifted student program.

Support and Empower Teachers - Just like a business, our people are our greatest asset. I hope to make ICSD a magnet for the best teachers. We're blessed to have SUU's top education graduates join us. I will support increasing starting wages, professional development, proper prep time, and de-regulation. Good teachers make amazing students. Good teachers change lives.

My Priorities

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Quality Schools
  • Support quality instruction, teaching innovation, and best educational practices
  • Advocate for and empower teachers
  • Maintain and attract talented teachers
  • Support professional development, prep time and de-regulation for teachers
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Student Education
  • Educate the whole child – teach students how to treat each other by developing soft skills
  • Prepare students for the future by continually improving and advancing learning opportunities
  • Prepare students to meet core standards for college and trade school
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Effective Leadership
  • Plan responsibly for enrollment growth
  • Foster positivity and collaboration between district leaders, board members, teachers, and community
  • Communicate with reason and civility
  • Budget wisely with student learning as the priority
  • Establish effective communication plan with an emphasis on transparency
Cedar High School Students

District 5 Map

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